Excerpted from the: Sunday Chicago Tribune, Tempo Lake Section,
February, 14 1999 article "The McMahon Dynasty"

The streets have also been son Frank's domain. A freelance photographer whose shots of the implementation of busing in Louisville, Kentucky and the American Indian Movement in the Dakotas made the cover and inside pages of Time magazine. Frank relates stories through revealing facial expressions and stark-against-the land people and dwellings.

But he has also done educational filmstrips in Canada, shot photos for Rand, McNally & Co, contributed to the new "Boy Scout Handbook" and joined the Web world. His latest artistic outlet is digital.

 "When the Web came along in 1994 and really started getting going in 1995 we had a whole new medium. The problems of photography had basically been solved 75 years ago. The Web's problems (technology, presentation, imaging, credibility) are brand new and a lot more challenging", he said.

A Webmaster Frank designs Web sites and and pages within sites for companies like CNA Insurance, Don Johnston, A Wauconda, IL company that develops software for handicapped people, and other corporate clients.

His own Web site chronicles his work with 120 photos in black and white and in color and links up to his Web-development company, Digimage.

 "Photography and the Web are related, they both tell stories", he said. "The use of the Internet to transmit photography is common. Traditional silver halide converts easily to the digital medium."

-By Jodie Jacobs

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